Pro Vit's

Pro Vit's

Pro Vit's is rich in fruit dietary fiber, which can increase the water content, the volume of stool and promote peristalsis. Thus, wastes can be excreted easily. Pro Vit's is effective in 8 hours. With natural Ingredients, no dependence will be resulted. Prolonged consumption allows defecation smoothly and improves problems caused by toxin of excrement, such as bad breath, poor skin quality and bloated belly.

  • Improve stomach upset
  • Improve bad breath
  • Promote fecal-stasis-excreting
  • Improve tiredness
  • Promote daily excreting
  • Promote excreting smoothly
  • Improve bad temper

Serving Suggestion

Mix the content in a glass of 180ml plain water, stir and consume immediately. Take 1~2 sachets daily.

Product Detail
IngredientPapaya Fruit Enzyme, Vegetable fiber, Oat Fiber, Alfalfa, Apple Fiber, Citric acid
What's in the box20 sachets X 18 gm
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